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Are you intrigued by Afterlife? If so, come join us...

About Angelic Forces

Where do the ghosts of the North reside? Do they linger in cellars? Or walk the halls of abandoned buildings? Angelic forces take the living to some of the most iconic haunted atmospheres, in several spooky locations across the country.


Angelic Forces are a team of experienced investigators, dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of haunted locations and capturing evidence of supernatural activity. On our tours, we explore the unknown and investigate the paranormal. If you’ve ever wanted to see, hear, or feel ghosts, you’re in the right place.


Join Angelic Forces, for ghost tours that are founded on historical research, tales of the paranormal, and hi-tech equipment that connect us to the afterlife. Find out more about our tours here.

We are an established partner with Harrogate Ghost Walks. Find out more here.

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